Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Letter to the Fat Corrupt Politicians

Dear politicians, if you have an ounce of conscience and even a tiny bit of a soul in you, you should die of shame today! But of course, you've already sold your souls to the devil and you never had a conscience so the bomb blasts don't mean anything to you. You will just humiliate your people once again with a "compensation", tell them how courageous they are (of course, to be able to tolerate morons like you) and expect them to "bounce back" to life as if nothing happened while you conveniently move on to the next scam. 
Here are a few things you should know. In fact, these are things that we the people should also know but we are so overloaded with the task of surviving in this extreme jungle of chaos and corruption that you have created that we never get the opportunity to ponder over these basic facts. We don't even know what our fundamental rights are because if we have to struggle so hard to achieve it, then it cant really be a right now can it? So, here are the facts - 
- We vote for YOU. meaning we appoint you, we employ you at our command, to perform some administrative tasks for us. That means that YOU work for US, and not the other way round.
- We pay taxes so you can utilize the money and provide us some basic facilities. Nothing fancy here, just regular stuff like good roads, parks, schools, electricity, water, a transportation system, and above all a safe and secure environment where we can live fearlessly.. Whatever is left after this can go towards your salary. 
- We expect to receive these facilities at no extra cost on top of the taxes we pay.

Now lets look at how you operate.
- roads - pathetic, and its a well known fact that the PWD is an easy way to loot the government coffers paid for by our money
- government schools - sad story. Nobody wants to send their kids there because they are so low quality. Teachers are not motivated because they dont get paid well
- water - its a struggle for majority of the population to even get clean drinking water. If a poor man wants a hand pump or well installed he has to spend all his savings in bribing everyone from top to bottom
- security and intelligence - non-existent as is proved yet again by the blasts in Mumbai , the perpetrators of which run scott free and you haven't the courage to either arrest, try or execute (as Kasab)

So where is all the money that we pay you going? Let's look at some more facts.
Jaya amma is getting fatter by the year and tales of her mythological wealth are well known
Mayawati donned a garland of 5cr rupees on her birthday
Mayawati also sets a target for all her MLAs etc to raise funds for her birthday celebrations each year. Meaning the MLAs have to go and collect bribes from wherever possible to meet their astronomical targets. Of course they can't say "balls to you" to Mayawati cos she is their behenji after all.
YSR Reddy's son amassed hundreds of crores between 2004-2009
Every day there is a new scam worth not hundreds but lakhs of crores of rupees. Its hard to keep up with the scame stories but each scam has a similar theme - funds intended for a particular section of the society ended up in one of your personal Swiss accounts.
Kasab is partying in jail and you are spending 5lakhs on his "security" per day? What could be more insulting to us than to see our money being wasted on protecting a mass murderer who should be stripped naked and flogged to death in public!!! Can you not feel our intense ire?

This is just a small portion of the endless list. But we hope you get the point. The point is, you suck at what you do. Please. Stop. Step down. Surely you are incapable of feeling any embarrassment for having constantly failed at your job, but we cannot take this any more.

Take a look at history, the 1857 mutiny, the non-cooperation movement, Quit India movement - you are bringing it upon yourselves again. The last time it was for foreigners, this time its going to be true Indians against the corrupt, tyrant internal enemies of India.  And this time we will skip the mutiny and non-cooperation and force you to Quit India. Gundon, Chor badmashon, Bharat chhoro. 

Take this as a warning. 

And yes, please stop insulting us with your paltry compensations and false condolences. Stop talking about the "spirit of bouncing back". We don't bounce back, we just carry on with the rigmarole of surviving in this crazy system you have created for us. Its hardly a "spirit". Its a "majboori". We have no choice. So stop saying that, and stop taking us for granted. Also, stop saying that we need to be "united" at this time. If we unite and resolve to have our revenge, we will make sure that you suffer!!!