Thursday, May 5, 2011

No OBL pics please!

Osama Bin Laden is dead, that's great news. Its a relief. Victory of good over evil.
Much as it is a reason to celebrate, it is also reason to be on high alert because the breed of terrorists that Osama created will continue to live on and seek revenge. They might be enraged, shaken and extremely full of hate at this point. The nation should unify and focus on its security at this time.
But once again, Fox News, Republicans, Birthers etc fail to see what the priority of the country should be. They continue to question the credibility of their President. They doubt the purpose of the operation that brought the most Wanted terrorist down. They continue to humiliate the valor of the brave men who put everything at stake and went all out to finish what started on 9/11/2001. Why? Because they didn't get to see the pictures....oooooh poor cry babies..."I want to see the pictures mommy, he wont show me the pictures"..boohoo

Republicans and others, this was your chance to show some dignity and solidarity. You could have gracefully accepted the fact the Obama administration brought home what the Bush administration pursued for 8 years. You could have congratulated yourselves for having started it and Obama for completing it. Instead you continue to maliciously politicize any and everything that Obama does. If you showed some dignity and stopped making a big deal about the dead OBL's pictures you would probably have gained some points in the popularity polls. WHY do you need to see those pictures? He was shot in the HEAD! Do you really want those pictures to be made public? The day Osama's new came out I too was curious to see the pictures, but that was just for curiosity's sake. As more details started to come in, I realized that not releasing the pictures is the sensible thing to do for many reasons  -
a) It was a headshot
b) The pictures would be extremely graphic
c) It will only aggravate the followers of Bin Laden's ideology, and jeopardize national security.
(and I am just an ordinary immigrant. One would expect the citizens and politicos of a country to know better)

More on the last point - they are saying that when Saddam's sons were killed we released the pictures. That was done to ensure the people of Iraq that the sons were really dead, to bring them a sense of relief. I don't think anyone in Iraq or elsewhere idolized Saddam's sons. Releasing those pictures would not have offended, aggravated or ired a large section of young radicalized Islamists across the world. Releasing OBL's pictures will.
Also, this is not something to gloat about. Killing OBL is a milestone but not an end to the fight against terrorism. The villains that Osama created are still out there. Releasing those graphic pictures will only add fuel to their fire.

And what if the pictures were released? Wouldn't you still question the credibility of those pictures? He was shot in the head. The face and body must be mutilated beyond recognition. You wouldn't be able to make out a thing. And you would still doubt the authenticity of those pictures. Nothing will stop your evil ways and malicious attacks on the President. In fact, in political terms killing Osama is such a big thing for Obama that no matter what he does now, you will only resort to cheap, below the belt attacks. Obama administration is doing the sensible thing by ignoring you.
So dear skeptics, please shut up, sit down and let the President and the nation move on the other important things - like National Security, the economy, etc, and stop cluttering up the news with non-issues and controversies because these resources could be used for more constructive purposes!!!